Samadhi Yoga Retreat Intention + Creation

Built on a sacred vortex of energy, dedicated to silence and yogic education for children and children at heart, Samadhi Yoga Retreat is a place for all. The 3-story cedar pyramid was designed and built by Ricardo Gonzalez, as a tribute to silence and teaching the yoga philosophy to all that inquire. Located in the Texas hill country, Samadhi Yoga Retreat is often a place for yoga retreats, meditation, and other wellness events with a focus of connection, silence, and well-being. Situated between the city of San Marcos, Wimberly, and Canyon Lake, we are surrounded by healing waterholes, hidden meadow, lakes, and hills.

We offer daily yoga classes, retreats, canyon hiking, and relaxing sunset views over the canyon.

We are 15 minutes away from the City center of San Marcos, 10 Minutes away from Wimberly city center, and 15 minutes away from Canyon Lake. Join us for a stay in peace and comfort.

The Creation of Samadhi Yoga Retreat


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