Healers of Samadhi 

Get to know our amazing team of dedicated healers 


Ricardo Gonzalez-Jurado


Ricardo is the owner and operator of the sacred Samadhi Yoga Retreat. Born in El Salvador, raised in Guatemala, Ricardo is a teacher and student of yogic philosophy, amateur builder, and pilot. Dedicated to teaching children and adults the philosophy of yoga so that we can plant seeds of harmony, balance, and love. “I am because we are”


Ellen Gonzalez has continuously studied ancient Yoga practices, philosophies, Human Anatomy and Physiology with a background in nursing and paralegal work. Studying integrative yoga therapy at Sundara Yoga Therapy Center and a registered trauma sensitive yoga teacher, she specializes in helping those who suffer from various disorders including PTSD. She currently shares yoga with children of all ages, seniors and prenatal and postpartum babies through mother and baby yoga, anxiety healing workshops and seminars.

She enjoys creating a warm, safe healing space for others and offering holistic and traditional medicine practices. In the realm of healing, she practices with communities as an Aromatherapist and Herbalist, Certified Birth Companion (Doula), Reiki and Tantric practitioner of AromaYoga Austin. A student of life, she continues to
learn traditional and indigenous medicine and actively apprentices with Of the Earth Healing in Austin and Concilio Taino Guatu Ma Cu de Boriken of Puerto Rico. She is a Healer, earth and water protector, and aspiring Midwife

Ellen is part of the Disconnect Retreat, a group of yogis Who encourage disconnecting from electronics and connecting with nature..




Marti Ewing

Marti Ewing is a E-RYT 500-Hour Certified Yoga Therapist focused on alignment based Hatha Yoga and the Adaptive Movement. When Marti is not hosting yoga retreats and workshops in her private practice, she is the Head of the Yoga Therapy department at Baylor/St. Luke's hospital in the Texas medical center where she works with patients and also trains physicians and nurses in the principals of yoga therapy and how it relates to healing. Marti is also a certified Health Coach specializing in nutrition for mind and body . She holds a Certification as a Master Naturalist. her love for nature made Samadhi Yoga Retreat a perfect match . She is a born hostess and her retreats are a great way for Marti to share her passions with others; yoga, healthy food, and nature. Marti's approach to life is one of simple beauty, balance, and connectivity.

What is Therapeutic Yoga? What does she teach ?

It’s a blend of yogic technologies focused on supporting people in healing: restorative postures, gentle yoga, breath work, hands-on healing, guided imagery. It is geared towards fitting yoga to the person, not making the person fit the yoga. It looks at an individual’s special needs and creates a practice tailored for them .

Recuperative yoga is a modern yoga program that is designed to restore and maintain our body's appropriate range of motion, create good alignment, optimize muscle balance, and cultivate physical awareness. Benefits of Recuperative Yoga: ... A system of yoga designed to assist in recovery from illness or injury.

Every class is followed by mindful meditation , deep relaxation, breath work , and if appropriate, a spritz of fresh lavender.



Aimee Huffman

A lifelong athlete, Aimee was first drawn to yoga as an addition to her physical fitness routine, but quickly discovered the practice of yoga is a deep and powerful guide to daily life, encompassing more than physicality. She believes we we purposefully sync the body and breath, the mind settles away from the frenetic nature of the external world and we discover a layer of self-awareness that brings us closer to a natural state of internal peace and harmony. One of her greatest joys is exploring and sharing this practice with others as they move through their own personal journey, using physical postures, meditation and daily mindfulness as tools for self-inquiry and ultimately healing.

She has been practicing yoga for over seven years and received her 200-hour teacher training from Wanderlust Yoga Studio in Austin, Texas in 2015 while studying teachers Collette hill, Kate Waitzkin and Giocondo Parker. As she continues on her journey as a student, you can find her in the practice at STretch, an eastside yoga studio teaching all-levels Vinyasa classes and private sessions with an emphasis on mobility and alignment. You can expect each class to be light-hearted and accessible, challenging the physical body with an emphasis on breath and alignment in order to uplift and connect more deeply with the energetic body. Whether your goals include strength, flexibility or mindfulness, each class is always infused with a touch of music and love!

Aimee is part of the Disconnect Retreat, a group of yogis Who encourage disconnecting from electronics and connecting with nature.